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BIG Conference 2015

The date of the BIG Conference this year is set for July 2nd - it will be a one day event and is being held at the Mayfair Hotel. Click on the link below to see more details and booking information.


For 20 years one conference has, more than any other, been at the heart of the insight world’s most dynamic sector. In the world of business-to-business research, the BIG/MRS Company Partner Service Conference is the gathering place for the insight profession.

London plays host to a concentrated day of content that will help you to:

  • Understand the seismic shifts in the market and what it means to those that interpret and track behaviour.
  • Introduce you to the new breed of competitor and offer a road map to countering the threat.
  • Inject a sense of excitement and individuality into your own corporate brand

It will be an event that helps researchers and clients navigate change, avoid pitfalls and implement vivid thinking. It’s an event designed to spark debate, flag new technologies and broker ideas. In 2015 the conference welcomes industry veterans and those entering the profession. It’s an inclusive event that celebrates experience of all levels, and ideas of all origin.

For 20 years, this event has inspired new business relationships and lasting professional friendships. This is the conference that places networking at the heart of all it does. After the day’s conversation, you are invited to join old friends and new at a party to celebrate 20 years of conference. It’ll be a night to remember as you enjoy food, drink, entertainment and the luxurious surrounding of the 5-star Mayfair Hotel.

Who is it for?

  • Agency researchers
  • Clientside researchers
  • Marketing managers
  • Knowledge managers
  • Brand managers
  • Strategic planners
  • Business owners
  • Senior executives


Highlights from the day and evening include:

The State of the Nation debate

Six leading figures offer a top table view of the major issues, trends and challenges facings the business-to-business sector. They will cast an eye to the future while acknowledging some of the time-honoured legacy issues that are still critical to success. This experienced panel get to grips with the drivers of success and the pitfalls for failure. No one knows the market better than these respected professionals. They’ll provide a road map for anyone with an investment in understanding behaviour and satisfying the demand for meaningful insight.

· Where does the business to business market stand?

· What can we learn from the past?

· How should we prepare for the future?

· What new skills are demanded of insight professionals in this sector?

Chair: Richard Young, journalist and editor

Closing Keynote - Declan Curry

For over 20 years Declan Curry brought a unique and highly popular style of reporting to bear on the world’s biggest business stories. As a lead business reporter at BBC Breakfast, he was at the reporting epicentre of the sub-prime crisis, the credit crunch and the global economic downturn. He has also regularly appeared on Panorama, Working Lunch, On the Money and The One Show.

To close the BIG/MRS CPS Conference, Declan will offer trusted, expert and entertaining analysis on the post-election landscape, the economy and, most critically, what it means for UK business. If you want a challenging, cliche-free and insightful take on the world we live in, you won’t want to miss it.

Please visit for more information and tickets: https://www.mrs.org.uk/event/conferences/big_mrs_company_partner_service_conference/course/3678/id/9438



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